We are thrilled to perform at the HARD&HEAVY RESTART Open Air Festival in Übach-Palenberg/Germany on Friday, August 6th.

This festival will go down on Rocky Beach in the shadow of the Rockfabrik, a venue we have played before.

It’s a smaller event with tickets fairly limited (get yours here: https://bit.ly/3e6WQY4) so as not to clash with any Covid-related restrictions. This event will also see the first-ever German show of Gwendydd, an exciting (almost-)all-girl extreme metal group from Bulgaria. Our buddies and local faves Grey Attack will be performing as well with more participants to be announced soon.

The following day we’ll perform at the FML festival in Lessines/Belgium, so why not join us for the ride and treat yourselves to a weekend double-whammy of live music?

Another festival?! Yes Siree, Bob! The ‚Female Metal League Fest‘ will go down on August 7th in the Belgian town of Lessines and we are fired up like a frickin’ flamethrower on blast mode!!!

ATSC will be sharing the stage with Visions Of Atlantis, Nightmare, Diabulus in Musica, Valkyre, Attraction Theory, InHuman and the girls (and guy) of @gwendyddband.

The four of us are eager to shake off the rust and join the restart effort. Are you?

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