And Then She Came / Neu-Ulm 2017
ATSC / Neu-Ulm / Photo by Sabine Tomm
ATSC / Neu-Ulm / Photo by Melanie Busch


Working on a new album, as we are doing right now, is always mucho exciting. However, as an artist you can’t really suppress the urge to perform the new songs live on stage asap.

That’s what we did about a year ago when we performed at the ROCKHARZ Open Air in Ballenstedt/Germany. It turned out to be one enormously intense experience, and a great one at that!
Granted, taking the stage at 11:20 in the morning seemed kinda weird, but the reception we got including the encore requests at the end of the show more than made up for it - unforgettable!

Here’s a little clip of our „early bird special“ - enjoy.

- - -

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